Lucy Hodges, Flautist Portraits

A quick sunset portrait in the desert with a flute!

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El Shaddai Children’s Charity Video

A little video Rajini Chadha and I shot for a fantastic charity, El Shaddai, in Goa and other areas of India. It was a very moving experience meeting some of the 5,000 kids they have housed and mentored through life to those that come by their day shelter including 12 year old sex workers and very young homeless kids, that was a super depressing day. has a fundraising page if you fancy handing over your cash!

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Dubai Villas – currently exhibiting at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen!

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Rather excited by the news that a series of images I jointly produced with Richard Allenby-Pratt have made it into the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, currently exhibiting: “Dubai Villas”

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A Day in the Life of 3 Emiratis


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Manchester City Centre

IMG_0841 IMG_0846 IMG_0848 IMG_0856 IMG_0865 IMG_0868 IMG_0882 IMG_0887

Pics I shot from a trip to Manchester, UK this December. It was the first time I had seen the city since I was a student back in 1996 when the IRA let off a huge bomb that destroyed much of the city centre. Here was my first look at this fantastic city renewal…

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Happy Diwali 2013

336A5638Shot in a temple in the backstreets of Bastaquiya, Dubai.

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The Olympic Female Emirati Weightlifting Team

A story I shot was recently published at Qulture magazine, showcasing the Emirati weightlifting team training in Dubai.
To see the full story, click here.
For more info, click here.

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